Our Signature Concierge Services

We Specialize in Offering a Wide Range of Services to Enterprise Clients

Enterprise Web & Mobile Application Solutions

Comprehensive digital solutions tailored for large-scale businesses.

  • For large-scale needs
  • Highly scalable
  • Top-tier security
  • Seamless integrations

WordPress VIP Level Services

We strive to provide premium service to meet WPVIP Standards.

  • Headless WordPress
  • Enterprise Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Expert Support

White-Label Services

Offering white-label services under your brand with no overhead.

  • Time & Cost Efficiency
  • Core Competencies Focus
  • Brand Consistency
  • Revenue Opportunities

White-Glove Services

Personalized solution designed for all our enterprise clients.

  • Personalized Assistance
  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Time and Effort Savings
  • Maintenance & Support

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Our Premium Services

Specializing in Solutions for Different Stages of Your Business

Entrepreneurs Web & Mobile Application Solutions

Personalized solutions designed for visionary individuals.

  • Tailored to unique visions
  • Flexibility to pivot and adapt
  • Consultation to launch
  • Streamlined processes

Startups Web & Mobile Application Solutions

Agile and adaptive digital platforms for budding businesses.

  • Rapid market-entry solution
  • Budget-friendly
  • Scalable solution to grow
  • Meets industry trends

SMB Web & Mobile Application Solutions

Comprehensive digital solutions tailored for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB).

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Scalable Features
  • User-Centric Design
  • Cost-Effective

Our End-to-End Development Services

Specializing in Solutions for Multi-Billion Dollar Industries

Healthcare Marketplace

Establishing a centralized platform for medical services and products, facilitating connections between providers and patients.

Automotive Marketplace

Designing an intuitive marketplace for automotive listings, simplifying the buying, selling, and research of vehicles.

Job Marketplace

Connecting employers with potential employees through a seamless job listing platform, tailored to modern recruitment needs.

Events Marketplace

Crafting a vibrant platform where users can discover, promote, and book events, from workshops to concerts.

Gigs Marketplace

A platform connecting skilled individuals with short-term tasks and projects. Ideal for freelancers and businesses seeking specific expertise.

Digital Marketplace

Creating spaces where creators can sell and users can purchase digital assets seamlessly.

Directory & Listing

Creating comprehensive directories and listings, making it easier for users to find and access the information they seek.

Real Estate

Building immersive real estate platforms, showcasing properties with interactive features to attract potential buyers and renters.

Local Classified Ads

Crafting user-friendly classified platforms where users can easily post and browse ads, streamlining the buying and selling process.

B2B Development

Solutions designed specifically for businesses servicing other businesses.

SaaS Development

Creating Software as a Service platforms integrated with or based on WordPress.

LMS Websites

LMS Websites

Creating a Learning Management System where you can host, manage, and deliver online educational content.

WooCommerce Website

WooCommerce Website

Crafting a compelling online store with WooCommerce, melding ease of use with professional design.

Easy Digital Download

Easy Digital Download

Streamlining the setup for selling digital products online, with a simplified yet efficient digital download system.

WordPress ReCommerce

Building platforms for resale, bringing sustainability and renewed value to products.

Our Integration Services

Offering Comprehensive WordPress Services for All Development Needs

Payment Gateway Integration

Incorporating diverse payment gateways, simplifying transactions and expanding payment options for users.

SMS Gateway API Integration

Linking SMS gateway APIs for text notifications, enhancing communication with users.

Membership & Subscription Sites

Developing platforms for gated content and subscriptions, generating recurring revenue.

Easy Digital Download Integration

Easy Digital Download Integration

Seamlessly integrating digital download capabilities into your existing WordPress site.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration

Merging WooCommerce with your existing WordPress setup, transitioning smoothly into the eCommerce realm.

LMS Integration

LMS Integration

Seamlessly integrating LMS capabilities into your existing setup, broadening your online education offering.

Dall-E API Integration

Dall-E API Integration

Integrating the Dall-E API to harness the power of AI-driven image generation, elevating content personalization and creativity.

ChatGPT API Integration

ChatGPT API Integration

Embedding advanced conversational AI into your platform with ChatGPT, offering real-time assistance and enhancing user engagement.

OpenAI Integration

OpenAI Integration

Tapping into the vast capabilities of OpenAI, bringing advanced machine learning and AI functionalities to your site.

Maps Integration

Incorporating leading map technologies, such as Google & Open Street, to bolster geolocation feature and elevate user navigation experiences.

Third-Party API Integration

Third-Party API Integration

Seamlessly integrating a range of third-party APIs, expanding your site's functionality and ensuring compatibility with external services.

Location Detection (GPS/IP):

Using geolocation to pinpoint user positions, enhancing search precision and user experience.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly connecting your site to top Customer Relationship Management tools, ensuring efficient lead tracking and customer management.

ERP Integration

Bridging your WordPress platform with Enterprise Resource Planning systems, optimizing business processes and data flow.

License Management System

Streamlining the management and distribution of software licenses, ensuring compliance and facilitating secure access for legitimate users.

Restrict Content Pro Integration

Restrict Content Pro Integration

Integrating a premier solution for restricting content access to paid or registered users.

Google API Integration

Harnessing Google's vast API offerings to enhance functionality, from maps to analytics.

reCaptcha Integration

reCaptcha Integration

Implementing reCaptcha to safeguard your site from spam and abuse while ensuring easy usability for humans.

Our All Other Services

Offering Comprehensive WordPress Services for All Development Needs

Front-End Development

Crafting visually appealing user interfaces with responsive designs that shine on any device.

Back-End Development

Ensuring the backbone of your site is strong with robust server-side functionalities and secure databases.

WordPress Framework

Establishing a solid foundation for your site using the best WordPress structures, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and robust performance.

Custom Plugin Development

Tools and features developed specifically as per the client's unique requirements.

Custom Theme Development

Tailored features and design to align perfectly with a client's business objectives and branding.

Custom Widget Development

Tailoring widgets specifically to your needs, enhancing functionality and user engagement on your site.

Site Backup

Safeguarding your digital assets with regular, reliable, and retrievable backups locally and remotely, ensuring peace of mind.

Site Migration

Site Migration

Secure and efficient migration from one hosting provider or CMS to WordPress.

Site Optimization

Site Optimization

Enhancing site speeds with caching, CDN integration, image optimization, etc.

Domain & Hosting Configuration

Recommending and setup optimal hosting based on individual website needs.

Install & Setup Theme

Seamlessly integrating your chosen theme, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your brand and functions flawlessly.

Install & Setup Any Plugin

Expertly integrating essential plugins to elevate your site's functionality and user experience.

WordPress Maintenance

Keeping your site in peak condition with periodic backups, timely updates, and essential compatibility checks.

WooCommerce Multi-Vendor

WooCommerce Multi-Vendor

Building a multi-vendor platform where various sellers can list and manage their products.

WordPress Multisite

Empowering you with a network of sites under a single WordPress installation, streamlined for effortless management.

Build with Page Builder

Crafting compelling layouts with leading page builders, tailored to captivate your audience and drive engagement.

Build with Gutenberg Blocks

Utilizing the power of Gutenberg to create dynamic, modular content, enhancing flexibility and design innovation.

Pricing Plan

Enables tiered pricing plans for content submissions, letting users pick packages based on benefits and visibility.

Advanced Search

Utilizes sophisticated search algorithms, ensuring users effortlessly find the precise content or product they're looking for.

Advanced Filtering

Offers customizable filtering options, allowing users to refine their search results to match their specific criteria and preferences.

Post Grids & List

Displaying content in visually engaging grids, enhancing readability and aesthetics while optimizing user navigation.

WooCommerce Payment Gateways

WooCommerce Payment Gateways

Integrating a variety of payment gateways, offering convenience and security in transactions.

WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce Plugins

Expanding your eCommerce functionality with custom plugins, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Reviews & Rating System

Facilitating user feedback with a multi-critiria reviews and rating mechanism, elevating trust and informed decision-making.

Map With Listings

Combining map functionalities with directory-style listings, offering users a visual representation of physical locations or services in proximity.

LMS Plugins

LMS Plugins

Incorporating plugins to enhance the functionality and user experience of your LMS website.

Easy Digital Download Plugins

Easy Digital Download Plugins

Enhancing your digital sales platform with custom plugins tailored to your business needs.

Advanced Backend Admin Dashboard

Advanced Backend Admin Dashboard

Crafting a robust and intuitive backend dashboard, streamlining site management and monitoring.

Advanced Frontend User Dashboard

Advanced Frontend User Dashboard

Designing a user-centric frontend dashboard, enhancing user engagement with a tailored interface and features.

Ads Management System

Implementing a comprehensive system for ad placement, tracking, and revenue optimization.

Menu Management System

Offering a flexible tool for creating and arranging website menus, improving site navigation and content hierarchy.

Tax Calculation

Automating accurate tax computations, ensuring compliance and hassle-free transactions.

Invoice & Receipts

Streamlining the creation and distribution of invoices and receipts, enhancing professionalism and financial record-keeping.

WordPress Gamification

Adding game-like elements to engage users, encourage interaction and enhance learning or buying experiences.

Affiliate Program

Setting up a system to reward affiliate marketing, expanding your reach through incentivized promotions.

Social Login & Registration

Facilitating easy user access through social media account logins and registrations.

WordPress Helpdesk

Implementing a helpdesk system to provide support, manage inquiries and improve user satisfaction.

Documentation Center

Establishing a centralized hub for all your documentation needs, making it easy for users to find necessary information.

Community Forum

Creating an interactive forum to build community, encourage discussions, and provide peer-to-peer support.

Advanced Custom Forms

Designing sophisticated forms for data capture, ensuring a smooth user experience and accurate data collection.

Advanced Lead Forms

Developing intricate forms to capture leads, providing valuable insights for your marketing efforts.

Frontend Submission Form

Allowing users to submit content or listings through a frontend form, streamlining content gathering.

Slot Booking

Implementing a booking system for appointments, reservations or events, making scheduling a breeze for users.

Calendar Booking

Integrating a calendar-based booking system, offering visual date selection and booking management.

Ticket Booking

Setting up a robust ticketing system for events, ensuring a seamless purchase experience for attendees.

Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types

Tailoring post types to your unique content needs, offering flexibility in presenting and organizing data.

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields

Enhancing data capture and presentation with custom fields tailored to your content requirements.

Custom Taxonomies

Custom Taxonomies

Structuring and classifying your content in specialized ways to improve searchability and user navigation.

WordPress Multilingual

Expanding your site's reach with multi-language support with WPML or Polylang, catering to a global audience and improving user experience.

Mobile Optimization & AMP

Ensuring sites are mobile-responsive and integrating Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for faster loading on mobile devices.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Creating web apps that offer native-app-like experiences on the web.

Accessibility Compliance

Making sure websites adhere to WCAG standards or other regional accessibility requirements.

GDPR Complaince

GDPR Complaince

Implementing robust measures to ensure your site adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation standards, safeguarding user data and building trust with your audience.

Real-time Monitoring & Analytics

Offering integrations with tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or other analytic platforms and providing regular reports.

Automations & Workflows

Incorporating tools like Zapier to automate tasks between WordPress and other platforms.

Security Audits & Hardening

Offering security assessments and implementing measures to safeguard WordPress installations.

Custom Login & Registration

Designing unique and secure login and registration processes, aligning with your brand while ensuring user-friendly interactions.

Language Translation

Offering dynamic language solutions to make your site globally accessible, ensuring seamless user experiences across different regions.

Multi-Currency Sites

Equipping your eCommerce or business platform with multi-currency support, catering to an international audience and simplifying cross-border transactions.

P2P Inbox Messages

Facilitating direct peer-to-peer messaging systems, allowing users to communicate securely within your platform.

Bulk Data Scrape & Import

Deploying advanced tools to extract data from various sources and seamlessly importing it into your platform, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Headless & REST API Services

Headless & REST API Services

Delivering modern web solutions with headless CMS and REST API capabilities, enabling flexibility in content delivery and frontend technologies.