Last Updated: October 9th 2023

At WPVender, we strive to offer the best WordPress services in the industry. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and stand behind our services 100%. Here’s how our refund policy works:

1. Scope of the Refund Policy

This policy covers all WordPress services offered by WPVender, including design, development, maintenance, and consultancy services.

2. Full Refund: 

2.1. Clients are entitled to a full refund if:

  • The project has already started and the client request within the first 24 hours.
  • WPVender fails to deliver the project within the stipulated deadline without any valid reasons.
  • The delivered project has critical issues or deviations from the initial agreed-upon specifications, and WPVender is unable to rectify them within a reasonable time frame.

3. Partial Refund:

3.1. A partial refund will be considered if:

  • The project has already started and the client submits a refund request within the first 72 hours.
  • The client decides to terminate the project midway for reasons beyond WPVender’s control. In such cases, the refund amount will be calculated taking into account the number of resources and hours already expended on the project.
  • Minor deviations from the agreed specifications are present, but the client accepts the work with those minor deviations.

4. No Refund:

4.1. Refunds will not be provided in the following situations:

  • The client changes the initial project specifications after the project has started.
  • Delays caused due to lack of communication or inputs from the client’s side.
  • If the client opts to terminate the agreement for reasons unrelated to the quality of the services provided by WPVender.

5. Requesting a Refund:

5.1. To request a refund, clients should contact us within [specific number of days, e.g., “30 days”] of the project delivery.

5.2. The request should include the project’s details, reasons for the refund, and any other relevant information.

5.3. Upon receiving a refund request, WPVender will evaluate the claim and communicate the decision within a reasonable time frame.

6. Changes to This Policy:

WPVender reserves the right to revise this Refund Policy at any given time. We advise our clients to review the policy periodically for any changes.

7. Contact Information:

For any queries or concerns related to our Refund Policy, or to submit a refund request, please contact us.